tips for sustainable choices

Sustainability’ means the capacity to endure. This means to ensure that the effects of our choices today contribute to beneficial future consequences. So, as possible:                                                                                                      

* Remember, everything is connected, contemplate the potential impacts of your actions & consider the harmony of the whole.

* Take responsibility for your own immediate needs where possible (grow your own food, collect rain water, use stand-alone power)

* Buy local (support farmer’s markets, & independent businesses)

* Invest in quality, avoid disposables & reduce unnecessary consumption & waste (use no more than you really need)-Remember the 3 R’s- reduce, re-use, recycle

* Use renewable resources (solar, wind, wave & thermal energy)

* Avoid the products of destructive manufacturing & farming methods (palm oil, food crops for ethanol, rainforest timbers, child labour, etc)

* Protect genetic diversity (save seeds, avoid GMO’s, protect wildlife, their habitats & wilderness areas)

* Boycott unethical companies & their products (do the research!)

* Minimize your own environmental impact- use non-toxic & bio-degradable products (don’t put down the sink what you can’t drink!)

* Implement passive design solutions (natural lighting & ventilation, insulation, thermal mass, gravity flow)

* Use communal assets (public transport, land share, co-operatives)

* Support positive solutions (community gardens, land care, etc)

                                     It’s your world – Get involved!


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