why buy local

The Multiplier Effect : Money spent at a local business is three times more likely to re-circulate within the local community.

Economic Stability : Less reliance on outside inputs and less subject to external economic fluctuations.

Foster local Job creation : Independent businesses create more jobs locally and are the largest group of employers nationwide

Encourage local prosperity : Entrepreneurship, innovation, self-reliance and inspiration for the next generation.

Better Service : Local knowledge, experience and accountability.

Invest in Community : Local business owners live in the community they serve –they are less likely to move production off-shore and are reliable generators of wealth, income and jobs, as well as securing property assets in local hands.

Nurture Community : Local business owners and their employees are actively involved in their community—sporting clubs, schools and other community groups, as well as being generous supporters of charitable causes.

                      Celebrate our Uniqueness!  Love where you live!


Inside our ‘Local Shoppe” Lots of lovingly made produce from the hill folks; organic teas, coffee, honey, bush tucker jams, sauces, free range eggs, organic milk & cheeses, dried herbs & whatever else is in season.

Our garden supplies & plant stock are sourced locally too!


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