why grow food

free food swap

At right, Frog Hollow Lane, zone one’s entrance: Transitioning to a money-free economy! Locals bring in their excess produce to swap.
Nothing is more basic than food! And the simplest thing we can do to take responsibility for our own needs is to grow our own! Most shop bought food has travelled round half the planet, may be up to 6 months old when you buy it & may have been grown with any number of added chemicals or preservatives added (& probably irradiated for good measure)

Growing your own food might not be that easy, but you sure get to appreciate how the real world works, from soil health, water cycles, seasons, weather patterns and sharing with our animal & insect neighbours! Plus, you get to spend time in nature – a panacea for the soul!

Growing your own food : *Saves money *You control the inputs – we recommend go organic! *better health (fresh, in-season food, exercise, relaxation, ) *Reduces environmental impact (no transport, no drain on elsewhere)

If you can’t grow your own: *Support farmer’s markets & Co-ops *Buy local & support independent businesses *Buy organic produce *Avoid processed & modified foods *Reduce packaging – buy in bulk *Get involved in community gardens, farm/land share or co-opt the neighbours

No matter how keen you are, or how much space you may have, it’s unlikely that you will be able to grow everything you may want to eat, so prioritize. Try planting the things you like to eat the most first & food whose freshness is critical & likely to be eaten raw, such as salad greens, as well as health boosters like kitchen herbs.

Better success will be achieved by growing to suit the local climate & season, as well as your particular site conditions. Lack of space for a traditional vegetable bed need not be a limitation, there’s a plant type to fit most spaces, get creative with containers & surround yourself with living food. True wealth is natural abundance! The miracle is that from little things, big things grow.


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