Sustainable Alley

For the second year the Nimbin A & I show invited the local Blue Knob Farmer’s Market to participate & rather than moving all the stallholders from the Saturday market, we decided to expand our displays to demonstrate different aspects of sustainable practices to create the ‘Sustainable Alley’sustainable alley   

The Farmer’s Market itself was represented by a composite stall hosted by the tireless Maree who runs the ‘Back-yarders table’ at the market (where folks who may only have a small amount of excess produce can present their goodies). She displayed a range of fresh foods  from all the regular stallholders so visitors could purchase all the best local produce. (See belowblue knob farmer's market)

Even better, we created the first ‘Paddock to Plate’ cafe using ingredients sourced entirely from the Farmer’s Market. Naturally, it was well appreciated by the punters so by Sunday, word had spread & we had to start cooking breakfast early- it’s not every day folks get to sample preservative free local bacon & free range eggs (the rest of the menu pretty special too)!

Below: Cafe team hard at work

paddock to plate cafeIMG_1938                                         

At right: the naked? (breakfast) chef

Sustainable Alley hosted displays from the local Beekeepers group, Djangbung Gardens Permaculture College, our market butchers, Hemp Building, Rainbow Power Company, Nimbin Environment Centre, Nimbin Icecream as well as quails, sprouts, Sue’s preserves, worm farming, wood carving & edible weeds! The speaker’s tent was one of the highlights of the show (we suspect some came just to soak up the wealth of knowledge presented & seemed to stay there all day!)

LETS ATMLeft: promoting local community exchange systems, Kim & Peter transacting with LETS at the ATM (alternative trading market)new earth stall

 Right: Charmaster Dolph & Gilly at the ‘New Earth’ stall with biochar demos, Pooh Solutions composting toilets Effective Micro-organisms for waste treatement & soil remediation & Farmer’s Choice Organic Seedlings.

To demonstrate some hands-on sustainable practice, zone one created a straw-bale house at the centre of ‘Sustainable Alley’ with a bamboo reciprocal roof (many thanks to Jenny!). A wishing well (fund-raising for the S.E.V.E.N SIBLEY project) with vertical milk bottle garden, a pipe rail garden, flowform display, baby chook stardome & Jenny’s gorgeous kids for petting (baby goats that is) made the display a much visited attraction.

straw bale house & wishing well

straw bale house & wishing well

flow forms

bale house with flowforms

2-legged kids with 4 legged kids

2-legged kids with 4 legged kids

bamboo reciprocal roof

bamboo reciprocal roof


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