zone one nimbin

local shopzone one sustainable living takes its name from the Permaculture principle that the things we use most often should be obtained from the closest possible source. We might not be able to “save the world” but we can take responsibility for our own actions, endeavoring to provide for as many of our own needs as possible rather than drawing on the resources of the entire planet. ’zone one’ refers to our own immediate sphere of influence, if each of us works to create our own piece of paradise where we are (with consideration for the harmony of the whole) then the Earth will become a paradise once again.

zone one sustainable living is committed to our garden centre future security, self reliance, sustainability and environmental best practice. We offer a range of eco-friendly products for your personal health, your home and your garden to facilitate the transition to a saner, healthier lifestyle.

We promote the concept of buying locally and to support regional economic independence, showcase the real produce of Nimbin (our home town), locally-made, hand crafted products from the green hills of Australia’s most famous alternative village.

We are now virtual! Our little shop in Frog Hollow Lane off Cullen Street, Nimbin is no longer open. Local customers can still source plant stock, order organic mulch, Effective Micro-organisms for compost, waste treatment & soil renewal by contacting us directly.

To contact us phone: 0487 703 442 or email:

Locally made products can be ordered through our on-line shop:


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